Initiator of Debt Funds

EDS European Debt Solutions forms the transmission belt between investors and borrowers. Flexible and digital solutions are at the forefront for your portfolio.

Infrastructure Debt 2.0

“Best Select” takes infrastructure credit to a new level

Participate in successful projects with the EDS platform:

  • Exclusive access to high-quality, institutional investment opportunities
  • Flexible, transparent and digital investment process
  • Attractive, inflation-indexed returns
  • Product offering for professional investors


Financial knowledge meets digitality: The symbiosis of great financial expertise and knowledge of new technologies enables innovative and value-adding products in which you can also participate.


EDS cleverly reshuffles assets in a cost-effective way. Automated processes accelerate and provide significant advantage.

Debt Fonds

To this end, EDS is establishing new debt funds with different risk/return profiles, thus linking the real economy with the investment needs of institutional investors.


With digital tools and efficient processes between asset management, AIFM and service providers, EDS reduces process costs and sours the margin from banks in loan generation and placement into the funds.

EDS creates the efficient link between investors and borrowers. The platform’s technology enables speed and precision in lending. This makes EDS an optimal complement in the classic banking sector.

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